We are professionals of architecture aspiring to design a better future for our society and culture, together with our clients.

d/dt Arch. is a Japanese architecture studio based in Tokyo and Osaka. Our principal architects have experience in working with international clients both inside and outside of Japan.
Founded in 2001, we have been offering both residential and commercial design services throughout the nation.

If you are in search for dedicated architects that provide excellent design solutions, with thorough knowledge of Japanese climate, building codes, and building customs, please consider contacting us.
We would love to be of your service.

We provide thorough architectural services to bring your ideal project to life: design brief development, site survey, site purchase advice, preliminary to detailed design, building permit and approvals submission, tender assessment, building cost management, construction supervision, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for further information or to arrange a free initial consultation session.