Bilingual architectural services to create your best vacation home

There are many aspects in designing villas, cottages and vacation houses that are significantly different from designing urban homes. Taking into consideration of the climate and geographical characteristics of the region, maintaining good relationships with local contractors are some of the crucial factors that can only be obtained over time and experience.

d/dt Arch. has accumulated experience in both coastal and mountain cottages, notably in Karuizawa, the most famous and prestigious resort town in Japan. Either custom build or renovation of a second-hand property, we are here to help you with our bilingual services.

Complimentary consultation

We offer free initial consultation at our Tokyo/Osaka offices or other places convenient for you. Whether you already have a property or not, we will carefully listen to your vision and discuss the feasibility and directions of the project.

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We provide thorough architectural services to bring your ideal project to life: design brief development, site survey, site purchase advice, preliminary to detailed design, building permit and approvals submission, tender assessment, building cost management, construction supervision, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for further information or to arrange a free initial consultation session.