Situated in a dell in Mikasa, Karuizawa, the site lies in picturesque scenery, with a brook running through, and a view of lush green on the opposite bank.
As an architectural response to the terrain, the roofs were conceived as five triangular planes afloat above the site, reflecting the ridges and slopes of surrounding mountains.
To control the views and make the most of the ambiance, interior spaces and semi-outdoor spaces, such as terraces and covered space under the raised volume, were intricately configured, between exterior walls folded and slanted like Japanese origami paper folding art.

The subtle gaps between the rectangular floor layout and the triangular roofs add different characters and feels to various interior spaces.
The fireplace, installed right under the vertex of an equilateral triangular roof, is the centerpiece of the space, where family members and friends come together.


Location Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku District, Nagano
Major Use Cottage
Structure Wood
Floors 2
Site Area 946.10m2
Building Area 110.88m2
Total Floor Area 112.38m2
Architect Yasumi Taketomi
Structural Engineering Toru Yamazaki
MEP Engineering d/dt
Construction Daiichi Kensetsu
Photographs Nacasa & Partners
Completion July 2009

d/dt Arch.のサービス、設計・監理業務のご相談、