Leaving Karuizawa’s major shopping street Old Karuizawa Ginza behind, crossing Nitebashi Bridge and driving uphill along Yagasaki River, the bustle of the town fades away. The peaceful road is lined with retaining walls made of Asama lava rocks, characteristic of this area. After making a right from the river and driving up further, the plot of this cottage is found on a slope facing Mount Atago across Yagasaki River, with a view of Mount Hanare as well.

The cottage is anchored to the site like a wedge hammered into the slope, with a balcony suspended from the second-floor slab. The sliding windows between the living room and the balcony can be completely opened, connecting the indoor to the outdoor, framing the view as if it were a painting.


Location Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku District, Nagano
Major Use Cottage
Structure Wood, reinforced concrete
Floors 2 + 1 Basement
Site Area 1,001.44m2
Building Area 53.83m2
Total Floor Area 92.83m2
Architect Yasumi Taketomi
Structural Engineering Umezawa Structural Engineers, lab.
Construction Daiichi Kensetsu
Photographs Yasumi Taketomi
Completion June 2011

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