This cottage is built along Kyudo Street in Karuizawa.
The owner being an Urasenke school chado/sado (Japanese tea ceremony) instructor, the traditional tatami room on the first floor is designed to double as a chashitsu (tea room), so that the family and guests can enjoy tea at their vacation home as well.

To give it a more casual feeling of a tea room in a mountain cottage, instead of a formal tokonoma (traditional Japanese alcove where scrolls and flower arrangements are displayed), we opted for an oribedoko (part of a wall furnished with a narrow wood panel below the ceiling for hanging scrolls), and the mizuya (small kitchen area adjacent to a tea room, used to prepare for tea ceremonies) was arranged to be utilized for other daily activities.


Location Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku District, Nagano
Major Use Cottage
Structure Wood frame structure
Floors 2
Site Area 511.90m2
Building Area 139.60m2
Total Floor Area 194.97m2
Architect Yasumi Taketomi
Construction Maruyama Koumuten
Photographs Yasumi Taketomi
Completion December 2011

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